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Who we are is an online porn tube site serving HD videos to our audience, we work hard to bring the best as far as the industry is concerned.

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About Comments

How we use comment: This site collects comments’ data such as Name, and Description in the comment form, sometimes browser user agent string and IP addresses to help us fight spam.

Sometime any HASH created from your email may be provided the popular to  Gravatar service, this is to confirm if you are using it. This is to enable us to display your profile picture as registered on Gravatar.


We use cookies to temporary store your data on your web browser, for example, when you leave a comment on this sit, your name and email address may be saved on your browser, so you don’t have to keep typing it again when you want to make another comment on the site.

Embedded Videos

Videos on this site ae embedded fro other popular sites like Xvideos, Xnxx etc, some embedded content may popout some ads.

Who we share your data with

We don’t share your data with any one.

Your rights over your data

Although currently not included, but if in future  you create an account on this site, or comments, you can request to delete or edit your data to suit the way you want it to be on our site.